Affordable website development

Having a good, clean and clear web presence is a fundamental need for any small business or sole trader nowadays but to the uninitiated, setting up even a basic website can be an unfathomable task, and there are a lot of small businesses which either cannot (or don't want to) afford a 'proper web design' company to get them set up (which can be a surprising amount of money, not only for the initial set up, but the on-going running costs)  or have neither the time or inclination to do it themselves.


That's where we come in - for an affordable fee we can  -

  • Review your existing web presence (if any), agree the required content for a site (up to 5 pages)
  • Obtain or transfer domains of your choosing
  • Set up hosting, develop and deliver the finished site
  • We will then show you how you can easily maintain the site going forwards.  We don't use expensive tools or software, just the design tools generally included in web hosting packages, which will be easy for you to use in the future. Of course if you don’t want to do that, we offer on-going maintenance on an adhoc basis, for a very reasonable hourly rate.

Drop us an email to discuss your requirements.

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